House League and Rep B Team Official Access to the GHA TTM system:

  • If you do not know your team's TTM Password, you can get it by clicking 'Don't know my password'.  Instructions will be sent to the Coach/Manager email addresses listed in the Coach/Manager Listing page here for your team.  These are the email addresses you would use to set up your password. Go to the GHA TTM web site by clicking on Team Login.
  • House League and Rep B teams are responsible for reporting major infractions (any penalty over 2 minutes) in the TTM site immediately following the game with an upload of the game sheet (legible picture or scan).  The TTM system will send an email to the team officials identifying if there are suspensions to be served or hearings to be held as a result of the infraction.  When game suspensions are served, teams are also responsible for reporting those games served on the game sheet and in TTM.  When a player/coach serves a game suspension, on the game sheet a single line is put through the name in the team list and in the Suspension List section, the name of the player/coach is added with game 1 of 1, 1 of 3 etc as the games are served.  This process applies when away at a tournament as well in case there are tournament games to be served.  League and tournament games count for games served but an exhibition game does not.
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