Affiliations - House League & Rep B


  • For players being affiliated to a higher level / division team, the Specially Affiliated Player permission form must be completed and sent to the hosting association's Registrar and then processed by the District Registrar before participation.  Once processed, that player is added to official Hockey Canada roster as an affiliate (A).  The team can then go into the GHA myTTM system and select the player that is now elligible for affiliation.    Note that you may see other players in the myTTM list that are not official affiliates for your team.
  • Until an affiliate has been CONFIRMED to be on your official Hockey Canada Roster, identified with an A, then they are not to be called up.
  • Be aware that there are deadlines for affiliation changes and addition of affiliates to a roster.
  • For tracking purposes, teams must submit a GHA Affiliate Player Call-Up Notification form for all game affiliate use during the entire season before the game.  The online submission is done through the GHA web site by clicking on Team Login.
  • Please ensure you have reviewed and follow the GHA Rules and Regulations pertaining to affiliate and reporting online.
  • Allow sufficient time for processing of affiliation paperwork and do not wait too late into the season.  At least a week's notice to submit the form to the registrar should be provided to add the player to your roster as an affiliate (A).
  • Refer to the Affiliation Chart in the GHA Rules and Regulations.
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