Time keepers box

The HOME TEAM is to supply a TIMEKEEPER.


Both MUST be 16 years of age or older.

The Clock
  • Russell Arena Game Clock Instructions
  • The TIMEKEEPER should NEVER post a goal on the game clock which shows an advantage of more than 5 goals.  See GHA Rule 26.4o as the score keeper must continue to record all goals on the official game sheet, regardless of any lopsided scores
  • Here is a copy of the MPCW-7 Instruction Manual for reference.  It has more information than what you will need.
  • U9
    • No scores are to be kept or posted for U9 games.
    • U9 games will run with two 23 minute run-time periods.
    • The buzzer should be used for 90 second signal of player changes.
The Game Sheet