Time keepers box

The HOME TEAM is to supply a TIMEKEEPER.


Both MUST be 16 years of age or older.

The Clock
  • Russell Arena Game Clock Instructions
  • The TIMEKEEPER should NEVER post a goal on the game clock which shows an advantage of more than 5 goals.  See GHA Rule 26.4o as the score keeper must continue to record all goals on the official game sheet, regardless of any lopsided scores,
  • If there is a 7 GOAL DIFFERENTIAL any time after the 2nd period, then the clock becomes RUNNING TIME and doesn't not revert back to stop time if the differential is decreased.  See GHA Rule 26.4c.  Also be aware of the duration of penalties to be served during running time, GHA Rule 26.4d.
  • Here is a copy of the MPCW-7 Instruction Manual for reference.  It has more information than what you will need.
  • U9
    • No scores are to be kept or posted for U9 games.
    • U9 games will run with two 23 minute run-time periods.
    • The buzzer should be used for 90 second signal of player changes.
The Game Sheet