Where oh where does my Name Bar go?

Name bars are to be reflective of the RMHA standard colors. (Colorado Avalanche)
Home – White with burgundy lettering (No exceptions)
Away – Burgundy with white lettering (No exceptions)

RMHA Name Bar Policy – Created October 18th, 2018
The RMHA Executive has determined that it is acceptable for teams to add name bars to their jerseys under the following conditions:
1. The decision to use name bars shall be a majority team decision. However, if the choice is to use name bars, all members of the team must participate. We do not want a situation where some players on a team have name bars and others do not.
2. The name on the bar must be the same as it appears on the HCR roster. No abbreviations or nicknames will be permitted. The first name initial can be used if needed due to duplicate sur names.
3. Name bars are to be WASHED BEFORE affixing to the jerseys to prevent the dye from leeching. They are to be placed above the numbers and below the stop sign on the back of the jersey.
4. The name bar must be sewn on and removed without damage to the jersey. Please refer to Damaged Jersey Policy.
5. Name bars are to be sewn on with a stagger stitch (zigzag stitch) or another stitch that leaves the name bar easily removable.
6. Names or name bars may not be silk screened or adhered to the jerseys in any other fashion.
7. If any damage is caused to the jerseys from name bars being sewn on or removed, the individual/team will be charged the replacement cost. Please refer to Damaged Jersey Policy.
8. Teams are responsible for all associated costs with purchasing name bars, attaching name bars and removing name bars at the end of the year.
9. Jerseys are to be returned with name bars REMOVED from them at the end of the season. No later than April 15th of said hockey season.
10. Name bars can be used for your player’s entire RMHA Hockey career so remember where you put them in the off season.

NOTE: The only exception to this requirement will be for affiliated players. The called up player will use spare jersey of the higher level team which would not have a name bar affixed.

Name Bar Policy and Damaged Jersey Policy are to be reviewed and signed for each individual player and returned to the Director of Equipment – equipment@russellwarriors.ca or collected and placed in the equipment mail slot in the Arena Lobby Meeting Room. Once the full roster has returned the signed policies then the Written Approval will be granted by the Director of Equipment to proceed.

Name Bar 2021/22

Team Name: ___________________________ # _________

Parent’s Name: ____________________ Signature:___________________________

Date: _________________________