Russell Warriors COVID Spectator Screening Form and Rules

Dear Parents/Guardians,


It has been sometime since most of you have been able to see your player on the ice. Thanks to the hard work of your RMHA board this is now changing, effective immediately. RMHA can now allow ONE (1) parent/guardian for each player you have participating in on-ice hockey activities at the Russell Arena. (Rules may differ for those who have ice-times within the city of Ottawa or other municipalities.)

As part of the agreement for this to happen we are required to track who enters the arena. RMHA will be doing this by having each spectator fill out a COVID Screening Form. You are required to fill this form out before each practice in order to be able to enter the arena. No exceptions will be given. Once you complete this form (which can be done on a computer or by smartphone) you will automatically be emailed a copy of the completed form. You will be required to show this form to the door monitor to gain entry. Please note that entering the arena without having this form filled out is strictly prohibited and will be met with the loss of your spectating privileges as it could affect everyone’s ability to spectate if we don’t do it properly. Each form is dated for the specific practice date, as such, you will need to fill out the spectator form for each practice you attend. The monitor will be looking to see if the date on the form matches that day’s ice time. You will be able to fill this form in up until the start of practice time. However, if the door monitor is no longer at the door, as practice has started. you may not be able to enter the arena.


No parent/guardian will be allowed into the locker rooms or to stand in the lobby. You must go directly to the stands and physically distance from others. Masks are mandatory. You will not be allowed to re-enter the arena if you decide to leave at any point through the ice-time. Beverages are now allowed provided you replace your mask after every sip.

The RMHA Executive thanks you very much for your patience through this complicated and trying time. We are working diligently to do everything we can to make hockey as enjoyable as it can be through this pandemic. Your children are foremost in our thoughts, through this entire process.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about this process.


Joey Abrams
Director, Discipline, Risk and Safety for RMHA

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