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COVID Protocol - Russell Arena

RMHA Russell Arena COVID Protocol

Arena Entry
1) Players and Bench Staff MUST fill out their Team Snap health check before entering the arena for their respective ice time. It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to make sure that all players and staff fills out the screening before each ice time. Your Team Snap health check is only good for your respective ice time. If you visit the arena outside of your own ice-times, then you need to follow the steps below.

2) All spectators MUST fill out the RMHA Spectator Form before entering the arena. The form can be found on the Russell Warriors website or by using your smart phone to scan the QR code on the Arena Entry Procedures Poster posted at the entrance to the Russell arena.
a) Each Bench is responsible to acquire a volunteer to act as the Safety Officer at the Arena Front Door to ensure each spectator has filled out the form. The spectator must show the safety officer their email that is automatically sent to them after completing the form.
b) Visiting teams are required to provide their own safety officer but it is our safety officers responsibility to make sure one is at the door making the same checks. Each respective Association has been informed to provide their own safety officer. If a visiting team safety officer isn’t present, then the home team safety officer can either check the forms themselves or instruct visiting spectators to contact their coach to provide their team a safety officer.
c) Under no circumstances should a spectator be allowed to enter the arena with providing proof of the form being filled out. One form per household.

3) When visiting an arena outside of Russell (except Embrun) a GHA COVID Screening Form must be used. This can be found on the Russell Warriors website or by a link on your team snap. Your safety officer again must check that the GHA form is filled out before allowing spectators into the arena.
Contact tracing is still currently the law and must be done.

1) The arena currently has a security guard, hired by the municipality, to check for proof of vaccination for all those over the age of 18 as is Ontario Law.

2) As of November 8th: All players/staff/volunteers/etc., over the age of 12, will need to have proof of being double vaccinated plus 14 days past their last vaccination. HEO has implemented a rule where if this isn’t the case you will not be allowed to enter the arena and take park in team activities.
a) For each team with players over the age of 12: Each coach needs to check to make sure each player, over the age of 12, has been double vaccinated plus 14 days as of November 8th. You only need to check this once, but the player or parent/guardian of the player MUST show you proof of vaccination. Once you have proof, record it on a roster and forward that to You do not need to ascertain proof before each ice time. Once is all you need then you can follow your roster (as above) as to who is vaccinated from that point forward.

Be advised that having a player on the bench without the proper vaccination status could lead to the player and/or the coach being suspended indefinitely by the HEO.

COVID Screening Form - RMHA - Russell Arena
COVID Screening Form - GHA Arenas
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