Evaluation Arena Rules

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RMHA Evaluation Arena Rules

  • Players are to arrive 20 minutes before their scheduled ice times.
  • FIT FOR PLAY questions are done by using the QR code at the rink or on the website and must be answered on the day of the participant’s ice time. This must be done before EVERY ice time, if not completed participant CANNOT enter the facility.
  • Attendance will be taken as players enter the arena
  • Bring your own equipment and do not share your personal items (e.g. water bottle, towels). Water bottles can be re filled at the arena
  • Everyone entering the arena WEARS A MASK that is only to be taken off when the leader prompts and helmet goes on. Masks will be put back on as soon as helmets are taken off. If participant does not have a mask, they cannot enter the facility
  • Players enter through the main entrance and go to the dressing rooms, when leaving players will exit at the doors nearest the public washrooms and not return through the main lobby.
  • Volunteers will tie skates and help with helmets.
  • Players must remain in dressing rooms until the Leader (Coach) leads them onto the ice.
  • Players are asked to leave the dressing room within 10 minutes of getting off the ice. Families are asked not to linger in groups in the arena parking lot after practice.
  • One trainer at the arena per ice time.
  • One guardian per participant may enter the rink and go directly to the stands, screening questions must be completed before guardians can enter (will be tracked)

As the situation with the pandemic continues to evolve, RMHA will be required to adapt as restrictions are eased or tightened. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and we hope you will all follow the guidelines in an effort to return to hockey as safely as possible.


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